Friday, June 18, 2010

Positive Possee

I've been mulling over a blog post on having and maintaining a positive attitude for days now. . . and this morning it feels like it all is coming together.

Like many technophiles the first thing I do in the morning before I get my coffee is reach for my iphone and check in on the world through my social networks. Squinting at the glow of apps, twitter is always first.

It's the water cooler. The break room. The place where my friends gather to share quotes, talk about their travels and children or that favorite restaurant they love to visit. It's where I get my tech news, have a laugh and read the latest and greatest from the Oatmeal.

As I mentioned before - this morning it all came together. @tkpleslie RT'd a touching post from @BostonWriter (read the full post here) which reminded me of just how important attitude is.

Often we get overwhelmed by circumstances and get sidelined from living and enjoying the moment. If we are lamenting how things are not going this way or that way : all too often we miss the way things ARE going and the tremendous experiences and people we are encountering along the way.

Yesterday I read a post by Seth Godin : Amplifying the Lizard Brain, which briefly touches on self-sabotaging behavior. How easy it is for us to focus on that one mis-step instead of the dozens of triumphs when we roll over the days events in our mind. How frequently do we spotlight and obsess over the flaws versus the benefits. Either way you look at it your attitude is contagious.

I am a firm believer that who you are is a reflection of how you treat yourself and who you surround yourself with - so if I am going to be influenced by people . . . thank goodness for the #postivepossee that I wake up to everyday on twitter, my partner @brandonpierce, my family and of course my pup Charlie whose happiness is always contagious. :)

Abraham Lincoln once said "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be."

Well, my mind is made up.


  1. I love this post Danielle! I have interacted with @tkpleslie and other members of our Twitter #PositivePosse for a couple of years now and the experience truly sets the tone for the day.

    We are so much alike...squinting at the phone first thing to check on what is going on; before I get my first cup of coffee!

    Keeping it positive each day truly does help!


    John Lusher

  2. Hey Danielle!

    I agree with John - the #positivepossee is the BEST way to begin each day. And it's so great to see so many more people joining us.

    With my first cup of coffee at 5 am the posse fires me up and gets my head on right for a great day. And if I'm considering ditching my run or bike ride, they're happy to kick me out the door as well.

    Gotta love a healthy dose of positivity, right?

  3. Thanks you two! I really appreciate your thoughts. And you are right. Having a #postitivepossee to greet you in the morning is a refreshing welcome to the day ahead.

    It's so important to surround yourself with the people who will help you reach the wall and beyond.

    Life, like social media, is user controlled content. Gratefully I have caring, talented tweeps like you! :)