Sunday, April 27, 2008

plugged in, charged up and ready to go!

Alright. I have spent the last few hours connecting myself to the virtual world that exists at the tip of my fingers.
After attending the ASID Spring Conference in Myrtle Beach - Ron McDaniel (BUZZOODLE.COM guru) convinced me that my myspace, and facebook were not enough. . . I needed to youtube be a linkedin blogger and twitter my life away.

I have uploaded, posted, reposted - sent requests, answered back, wrote on the walls and now finally, have decided that all of this could be a full time job. . . I already have the perfect office picked out on a beach of Bora Bora.

As if there are not enough usernames, passwords, secret codes and email accounts to check - I am seriously putting my memory to the test. . . (should have paid more attention to the memory game in kindergarden instead of eating paste).

So, here I am . . .