Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Value of Social Media

This morning I came across a retweet by Jim Hunt of a link Staci J Shelton shared on leadership. It was the blog post "Those 20 Key Habits that Hold You Back" by Marshall Goldsmith. (You may be familiar with his book "What Got You Here Won't Get You There" or even his new book "MOJO")

As I read over this enlightening list of bad habits - I suddenly realized the true value *I* get from the social community of twitter that I am a member of. . . learning.

Many overlook the true value of social media because they see it as an opportunity to shove push message marketing out at a nauseating speed . . . they fail to see that it is a very real community. Where "you the user" are in control of your experience. YOU control the "message" you receive everyday.

Simple right? Someone posts something helpful, you see it - retweet it and hopefully someone else finds it helpful too and they share it. Those members in our community to offer value on a personal level just became more important in our daily routine.

Today's lesson. :: In order to lead - learn how to listen. Rinse, retweet, repeat.

Thanks Jim, Staci and Marshall for being the change I needed today. Glad I was listening to my personal #positiveposse


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What people do you follow on twitter that add value to your life everyday?