Saturday, October 25, 2008

Financial Survival: Practical Ways to Save Money

This year Kristen Eckstein published her fourth book - Financial Survival: Practical ways to Save Money

Having written this book from her own life lessons, Kristen offers free resources to help you reclaim your financial independence and lead a fuller, stress free life. 

Topics that she covers in depth, with pragmatic solutions.

1. Setting up a budget
2. Learning to live without (helping you understand Consumerism and that       personal happiness is not found in material possessions and consumption, but rather in having more to give)
3. Building a cash reserve
4. Food
5. Clothing
6. Housing
7. Furniture
8. Home Improvements and Decorating
9. Utilities
10. Transportation and Travel
11. Holidays and Special Events
12. Entertainment
13. The Extras
14. Loans and Credit Cards

Kristen's book has made a huge difference in how I look at my own financial future and has shown me the little things that I can do on a daily basis to keep it growing strong.

With all of the worry - from wall street to main street, the timing of this book could not have been better. Look for the follow up Financial Revival: A Lifestyle of Freedom in 2009!