Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Top 10 Inspiration Boards from Pinterest

Many of you who know me well - know I am a DIY nut. I LOVE to dig, build, create, crochet, sew, paint, cook, share and that I have a soft spot for vintage style.

Since discovering Pinterest thanks to a client  - I am in photo inspiration heaven.

Pinterest to me is a magical, visually rich world where all the crafty cool people live online. It is such a wonderful community of sharing and inspiration that leaks all over the floor and fills any room with potential. 

I wanted to share my TOP 10 inspiration boards. . . be sure to check back as I will continue to add more fab finds! Check out the rest of my boards and if you are the crafty creative type . . . for heavens sake Follow Me on Pinterest

1 - DIY Lighting

2 - Food Porn 

3 - Living Vintage in a Tech World 

4 - DIY Furniture 

5 - DIY Design

6 - DIY Organize

7 - Casual Style

8 - DIY Gifts 

9 -  DIY Outdoors

10 - DIY Cleaning 

What are a few of your favorite boards on Pinterest?