Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY : Farmers Market Shopping Bag

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I love finding new ways to create unique, one of a kind, items.

When at the store a few months back I noticed this clothesline and thought it would make a great shopping bag - specifically a farmers market bag. . . something that would give under the weight of fresh veggies and clean up easily with a quick rinse and a shake.

The biggest challenge was unwinding the cords. I can tell you now that I had to employ the help of my husband and even with his help I admit to creating a few new curse words over the 4 days it took to unravel enough line to finish the bag. . . but it was *completely worth it!

I did not write down my stitches as I went - but here is the general idea that can get you started making your own farmers market shopping bag. . . and when you finish it - be sure to share it with me! I would love to see your variation of this idea!

Before you get started here is a great glossary of crocheting/knitting terms from the folks over at Lion Brand that will help you. (I am by no means an expert at the whole directions bit)

:: Materials :: 

8-10 3 ply 50ft poly clothesline (each unwound)
N (9.00MM) Crochet hook
a patient helper

:: Directions ::

Start by chaining 8 and connecting with a sl stitch.

Rd 1 : 12-15 single st all the way around, connect with a sl stich and ch 2

Rd  2 : Continue single st. around oval - adding 2 sc in each 3 sc on ends to build up oval shape.

Rd 3 - 15 Continue to increase by adding 2 sc on ends until oval base is large enough size. It is up to you on how large you make this bag.

To start building sides : Double Crochet once around base once. (see image to the left) Connect with a sl. stitch.

Rd 15 - ? Continue around with one single crochet connecting with a sl stitch and chaining two to start next row. Double Crochet each round connecting with a sl. stitch and chaining two to start next row until depth of bag is reached.

I sized down as I neared the top and final rows to give the bag a more tapered look by decreasing a few stitches midway up the bag height.

Handles :: I crocheted a "mini scarf" and stitched on the handles vs. crocheting them on. You can do this by chaining 5 and double crocheting back and forth until you have the right length for your bag.

Here is a great tutorial on how to make a double crochet ::


What items have you made using unusual or re-purposed items?

Do you shop your local farmers market? If so do you have special bag you use to shop?