Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dunkin Donuts : Cutting Through the Clutter

A stack of coupons arrives in the mailbox at least once a week. . . most for businesses I never patron.

I rarely even take notice of anything sent in a pile like this and only thumb through to see if any "real mail" got swallowed up by this monstrosity. (learn how to deal with junk mail here)

These advertisers have mere seconds to get attention . . . from the time that it takes me to walk from the mail box to the recycle bin. That's it.

That is why Dunkin' Donuts new mailer is so impressive. (@DunkinDonuts on twitter)

It looks *nothing* like the regurgitated designs with 6pt fonts and screaming colors that signal junk mail.

I have a feeling that Dunkin' Dounuts founder Bill Rosenberg would be pleased.
Check out the DDSMART menu for healthy choices

Check out the latest Contests & Promotions to win coffee for a whole year with DD Perks :: if you love iced coffee, you can become the yeDDi of the week on their Facebook Fanpage
or if you served our country in the military - Dunkin' Donuts wants to honor you with their Veterans Advantage card.

So when you check your mail today - take a few extra seconds to find the big cup of coffee from the folks at Dunkin'.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The power to #dogood is now in your pocket.

Just a few minutes ago Staci J. Shelton posted this tweet ::

Thank you @mayankgarg , @jbornhorstand @kajham for creating the #DoGood the Random Acts of Kindness!!!

If you haven't heard of it yet - this is the Do Good Movement . . . "DoGood leverages millions of iPhones/iPods to unite individual acts of kindness into a significant movement. Every day. Across the world. For 365 days."

So go #dogood

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yes, I still get giddy when the weatherman even mentions the word.

I am one of those people who will do the bus stop snow dance like I was 7 years old- Every. Single. Time.

You can imagine my excitement when the first flakes started to fall yesterday afternoon. . . It was animal crackers and hot cocoa all around.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twitter to roll out paid business accounts next year

Twitter to roll out paid business accounts next year

By Justin Mann,
Published: November 24, 2009, 4:00 PM EST

Twitter's goal to become a money-generating enterprise is one step closer to completion. The company's co-founder, Biz Stone, said the service would begin to offer paid servicesfor companies starting next year, granting subscribers access to unique services in exchange for their money. Stone went on to say businesses will not be obligated to begin paying for Twitter use, but the "special" services will be more than worth it. Unique tools like statistics and feedback would help large companies get an idea of just how effective Twitter is for advertising or customer communication purposes.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Wow. I can't wait to video tape paint drying.

You think I'm kidding.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

For Better Social News Times, Make It The Twitter Times

by MG Siegler on September 17, 2009

Screen shot 2009-09-17 at 10.32.55 AM
More and more people are relying on Twitter as their source of new and interesting links. It makes sense, it’s using a social graph to curate your news. And depending on who you follow, it can be a very useful filter. A new site, The Twitter Times, takes that idea and puts it in an easy-to-digest newspaper-style form.

Read the full post on techcrunch logo

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Complete Guide to Facebook Privacy

Facebook statistics show that it has 250 million active users each with an average 120 friends. More than 1 billion photos are uploaded every month by its users, over 70% of whom use applications like games and quizzes in Facebook. Unfortunately, most users don’t know the implications of entering personal information, making friends, and playing games on Facebook.

posted Sep. 13th, 2009 By Mahendra Palsule

CLICK HERE to read the full article at

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

@BritneySpears singing Alanis Morissette cover has put Greensboro, North Carolina on the social media map

My friend @eddiehuffman, Special Sections Writer to the @NewsandRecord, sent me a message via facebook and invited me to join him Saturday for the @BritneySpears concert in Greensboro.

Having only been to 2 concerts (pause for dramatic

gasps) I was curious as to what kind of Circus Miss Britney would bring to the 'Boro and how social media would be used by all involved.

The news from the Big Top is the You Tube Videos of Britney covering Alanis Morisettes 'You outta Know' . . . These alone should be proof of how busy everyone was with various techie devices (myself included) taking photo's/video, updating facebook and twitter statuses - ultimately watching the entire circus through the camera lens.

Leading up to the main attraction @1075kzl and @britneyspears held a twitter contest where Ashley Miller from Greensboro won VIP tickets.

Even Britney's Facebook fanpage updated fans of the contest as well as sharing the You Tube video from fans.

@Gbocoliseum added to the buzz by annoucing that Britney brought 30 trucks worth of equipment and sharing pictures right before the concert via @twitpic.

The Social Media sideshow has brought and continues to bring thousands of Britney fans to Greensboro, North Carolina. . . I am sure the local business owners and the city of Greensboro are grateful to have hosted Britney's Circus.

Friday, August 7, 2009

How Did Hackers Cripple Twitter?

Hackers slowed Twitter to a standstill early on Aug. 6, frustrating millions of users. For the culprits, all it took to snarl the popular social-networking site was one of the oldest tools in the Internet hacker handbook: the distributed denial-of-service attack (commonly shortened to DDoS), a method that has been used to crash some of the Web's largest sites, including Yahoo! and CNN.

Twitter Outage Moves Into Day 2

Twitter Outage Moves Into Day 2

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Geopolitical Attacks On Twitter Intensified Almost Tenfold Last Night

Geopolitical Attacks On Twitter Intensified Almost Tenfold Last Night

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Twitter Outages Continue To Frustrate Users

Attack Aimed At Specific User Targets Everyone

Twitter's Down Again

I love . . .

Twitter Busy Restoring API and SMS

The latest from the main nest at Twitter - 'some Twitter clients are unable to communicate with their API, and many users are unable to tweet via SMS.'

On July 29th I read an article on Network World that revealed flaws in the way some mobile-phone networks handle short message service signaling data that could leave them open to a new range of attacks. . . . ironic.

This morning I read this article from PC Magazine . . . Twitter's Down and It's All Your Fault.

Seems as though this could be another tweetless day. . . . 0_o

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facebook Confirms DoS Attack Same Day as Twitter

Facebook Confirms DoS Attack Same Day as Twitter

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Facebook Problems Also the Result of DDoS Attack

Facebook Problems Also the Result of DDoS Attack

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Denial of Service Attacks Being Investigated by Google, Twitter, Facebook

Denial of Service Attacks Being Investigated by Google, Twitter, Facebook

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Update: Twitter limps back to life after DDoS attack

Update: Twitter limps back to life after DDoS attack

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Social Media Meltdown

If you are on facebook, twitter or linkedin - you know that my business hinges on social media. . . and as you can see from the last few posts - I have been busy trying to share news related to twitter and facebook outages and issues to keep everyone up to date.

I will continue to post links to relevant stories as they are made available. . . as well as make you laugh. . . or atleast try to.

And I promise not to waste your time with a fancy blog post trying to convince you that someone from Mashable is a guest blogger or that I am an expert in anything. I am not. I am not a 'guru' or 'pro' at social media - I simply want to share information that I think maybe useful to you. . . it's that simple. And today that information just happens to be related to tools I use on a daily basis. I know how vital social media is to *my* business and thought you would like to know why twitter and facebook are down.

Now, since we have some time on our hands until the Social Media Meltdown is over . . . . I think it's time to fix another cup of coffee and get back to work. What do you think?

(for those of you who need entertainment this site should keep you busy until twitter is up again)

Twitter outage silences tweets

Twitter outage silences tweets

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Facebook Slow. Twitter Down. Social Media Meltdown.

Facebook Slow. Twitter Down. Social Media Meltdown.

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Twitter's Site Goes Down

Twitter's Site Goes Down

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Vintage Style : Design Archives

As many of you know - I *love* classic 40's style. . . so much so that nearly all of my wardrobe is made up of vintage fashion. . . . .and you can be certain that growing up watching classic movies with my father (WWII vet) has played a huge role in my silver screen style.

Recently I spent an afternoon, on Tate Street in Greensboro, exploring one of my favorite getaways

Known as the largest vintage store in the southeast. Design Archives has been the mecca for vintage buffs for over 30 years . . . offering a selection of wearables, collectibles and textile swatches from the1880’s to the 1980’s
that rotates weekly. It is always a thrill to carefully discover little gems. . . like this classic black hat from the 40's - found in an open suitcase near the front window. I spent nearly a half an hour with all of the other hats that waited
patiently to be admired and fussed over.

Next to the hat racks near the front, I oooed and ahhhed like a little girl over these shoes. ::sigh:: It's too bad that I already have my Halloween costume (Samantha from Betwitched) because these shoes would be perfect for a Cinderella, or a Glinda the Good Witch costume . . . or maybe a sexier Maryilyn-esque dress. Hell, why wait for Halloween!

Take one look at my closet and you will see that I am a sucker for anything black . . . and this little polka dotted cotton number with a red belt, Sews up the fresh summer style of the 40's era . . . It makes me want to wear white gloves and red lipstick.

Oh, and if you haven't heard already . . . they also have a fantastic selection of costume and vintage jewelry, clutches, sunglasses and accessories.

The reason I love shopping at Design archives? . . . . Kit Rodenbough, the owner . . .and her 370 consigners silly! Together they offer a fun, funky mix of styles to accommodate any ones taste.


in person!

Mon thru Fri – 11-7 Sat 11-6
Phone: (336) 272-1800

and be sure to follow the fashion on 

 Buy Online:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Vintage Style - Fashion Cents from a Dime Store Diva

I have always had a style of my own. As the youngest of 6 girls, I was introduced to the fine art of recycling style at a *very* early age. 

Over the years my fashion cents has grown and the influence of my late Father (who served in the army during World War II) is hard to miss.
 I often have perfect strangers strike up a conversation because of my shoes, bag or dress. . . I have met so many amazing people just because of my vintage style.

Watching old movies before shopping at my favorite thrift stores /consignment shops  (or even my own closet) is an indulgence I will never give up . . . women were elegant, graceful . . . sexy without revealing too much - true inspiration!

It is rare that you see me in jeans. I do not own sweat pants . . . and only wear my yoga pants in the house, thank you. 

The sophisticated style of post WWII is intoxicating to me - I love heels, and believe that there is nothing sexier than a dress. 

I usually wear my hair up in a 'business bun' Grace Kelly style - so if you see me with my hair down . . . well, consider yourself one of the few. 

Getting down and dirty when it comes to my furniture building/design is a must! My favorite pair of bibs that I wear
 when combing the county for elements to build my pieces is true Rosie the Riveter style! . . .  with the red hankerchief to complete the look. 

My furniture designs are  influenced by the Depression Era mentality that I was lucky to grow up with.  My father taught me how to live a rich life by using what I have and never wasting anything. Though I design new pieces, I prefer to use recycled materials. There really is a treasure trove of potential . . . if you aren't afraid to let it find you. 

The 3 R's of living like a Dime Store Diva. . . 

Reclaim | Recycle |  Reuse

inspire and be inspired. 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How To Write An Ad

How To Write An Ad

If you run a small business, use this article as a guide to crafting your own advertisements.
Written Feb 07, 2009
John McLain
John McLain
national media consultant
Oak Harbor, Washington

Home-based business owners often need to advertise, but typically don’t have the resources to hire a professional copywriter in an advertising agency. No need to let that stop you. I’ve written ad copy for agencies, for corporations and for my own small businesses. You too can learn how to write your own ad, and do it effectively. Here’s how —

Every ad, sales letter, direct-marketing flier and radio or TV commercial is structured along an age-old advertising formula designed to motivate the person exposed to your ad. The acronym for this formula is AIDA. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. In just that order.