Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twitter and the Global Reach of Kindness

Acorn Coffee & Chocolate from @DoorHardwareLux
A few weeks back I received a package from @DoorHardwareLux, a friend that I met thanks to Twitter.

We have been exchanging tweets nearly every morning over a few months and many thousands of miles (I live in North Carolina and she lives in Lithuania.)

 Some how or another the talk of coffee and chocolate came up . . . (shocker, I know) and she was kind enough to send me a batch of homemade acorn coffee and a big bar of her favorite Karuna dark chocolate.

This experience refueled my belief that not everyone using social media wants to sell you something - there are those rare gems like @DoorHardwareLux that offer friendship.

I am truly grateful each day for Twitter and the global reach of kindness.


Who have you met recently via twitter that has shown you exceptional kindness?

How do you reach out to make a more personal connection globally?

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