Tuesday, September 8, 2009

@BritneySpears singing Alanis Morissette cover has put Greensboro, North Carolina on the social media map

My friend @eddiehuffman, Special Sections Writer to the @NewsandRecord, sent me a message via facebook and invited me to join him Saturday for the @BritneySpears concert in Greensboro.

Having only been to 2 concerts (pause for dramatic

gasps) I was curious as to what kind of Circus Miss Britney would bring to the 'Boro and how social media would be used by all involved.

The news from the Big Top is the You Tube Videos of Britney covering Alanis Morisettes 'You outta Know' . . . These alone should be proof of how busy everyone was with various techie devices (myself included) taking photo's/video, updating facebook and twitter statuses - ultimately watching the entire circus through the camera lens.

Leading up to the main attraction @1075kzl and @britneyspears held a twitter contest where Ashley Miller from Greensboro won VIP tickets.

Even Britney's Facebook fanpage updated fans of the contest as well as sharing the You Tube video from fans.

@Gbocoliseum added to the buzz by annoucing that Britney brought 30 trucks worth of equipment and sharing pictures right before the concert via @twitpic.

The Social Media sideshow has brought and continues to bring thousands of Britney fans to Greensboro, North Carolina. . . I am sure the local business owners and the city of Greensboro are grateful to have hosted Britney's Circus.