Friday, October 14, 2011

TECHiquette : Cell Phones and Book Stores

I'm no Emily Post, but when it comes to cell phones . . . well, I have to admit I am a little bit more than disappointed at the lack of civility in Book Stores.

It seems that over the years cell phone etiquette has become virtually non existent (if it even existed at all).

Seriously, next time you are in a book store . . . take a look around at how many people are having conversations on their phone.

Now, I know that many will say, "It's my phone and my conversation, I'll do what ever I damn well please." . . . and that may be the case but, do you really want perfect strangers knowing where little Jenny goes to school? Or how about where you go grocery shopping and the fact that your husband will be out of town for the next few weeks? Sometimes talking on your cell phone in public spaces is no different than sharing your private information on a billboard.

Here are a few of my TECHiquette: Cell Phone tips for those I've recently encountered . . . .

Hey cute little hipster chic . . . Do I really need to hear every detail about you confronting your boyfriend for cheating with your sister? Nah, didn't think so.

And is it really necessary, dear freshman frat boy, to talk 3-4 times louder than normal when you stand next to me in the sci-fi section and plan that "wicked cool" party that is sure to attract "plenty of skirt"? Dude WTF?

Hey you, yes you, who wanders from isle to isle, never really looking for any one particular book but spreads the "I'm so important" one sided conversation around the store like a smothering wet blanket . . . do you really need attention that bad?

To the guy who had his speaker volume turned up SO LOUD that everyone in a two block radius just learned that you . . . well, let's just say - good luck with that. . . Next time, you may way to head outside to take that call. Pretty sure the girl you just gave your number to isn't going to be calling you anytime soon.

I really do wish that there were telephones booths like the K6 Kiosk . . . even though pay phones are a thing of the past . . . private conversations aren't.

What conversations have you over heard (and wish you didn't?)

What TECHiquette rules do you practice?