Monday, August 18, 2008

socially speaking

Currently, it is 7am and I have been online for nearly two hours. I have twittered, faceplanted - and updated for my twellow people. I know there is more that I could be doing, but quite frankly I don't sleep enough as it is.

I have been (and still are) feverishly working on the web updates since launcing the new logo. The new design is compliments of a 3 day stint I had at the Montage in Laguna Beach. . . a very inspirational trip.

Since the national ads - there has been a sharp increase in web traffic and so too in my email - growth! It takes hours to go through and answer each one and I am still learning to master that.

I deal directly with the artists and chairities, hang each monthly exhibit as well as off site installations, offer residential and corporate consultation, write each press release, hand deliver each investment, attend all charity functions and gallery space rentals - freelance webdesign, graphics and branding - personal shopping for antiques and fine art and custom furniture design.

So socially speaking, I need a PA to help with this fantastic growth in the business - so that the next time I am asked out to dinner . . . I can say yes.