Thursday, August 6, 2009

Social Media Meltdown

If you are on facebook, twitter or linkedin - you know that my business hinges on social media. . . and as you can see from the last few posts - I have been busy trying to share news related to twitter and facebook outages and issues to keep everyone up to date.

I will continue to post links to relevant stories as they are made available. . . as well as make you laugh. . . or atleast try to.

And I promise not to waste your time with a fancy blog post trying to convince you that someone from Mashable is a guest blogger or that I am an expert in anything. I am not. I am not a 'guru' or 'pro' at social media - I simply want to share information that I think maybe useful to you. . . it's that simple. And today that information just happens to be related to tools I use on a daily basis. I know how vital social media is to *my* business and thought you would like to know why twitter and facebook are down.

Now, since we have some time on our hands until the Social Media Meltdown is over . . . . I think it's time to fix another cup of coffee and get back to work. What do you think?

(for those of you who need entertainment this site should keep you busy until twitter is up again)

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