Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Refresh and Renew : Brand Inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens

I received my second issue of my new subscription to Better Homes and Gardens yesterday and as I sat down this morning to explore and be inspired, I was struck by the mantra "Refresh & Renew".

It seemed timely and relevant for me - not only for my future home projects that the writers, photographers, producers & stylists have inspired - but also because of the focus of my last few presentations on personal professional branding as well as blog posts on some do's & don'ts.

Is it possible to inspire people to refresh & renew their brand the same way BHG inspires me to refresh & renew my home?

That is a challenge I'd like to take up. I want to share those personal professional brands that inspire me, and make me want to sit down at my kitchen table and sketch out what I want my personal professional brand to be.

Who inspires you?

Have you started to refresh & renew your personal brand? 


  1. I refreshed and renewed my personal brand with your help! Thanks for utilizing your talents to help me achieve that goal! Love it!!

  2. Thanks Sherry! Love hearing the good news! :)

  3. You are a truly an inspiration Danielle and everything was fixed on my life just by reading your blog.