Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Why do People become Fans on Facebook?"

I recently commented on a Linkedin Discussion in the Social Media Today group that asked the question "Why do People become Fans on Facebook?"

I don't care what business you are in - at the end of the day we are ALL consumers and want to be treated like people, not counted, mounted and stuffed.

It's open season in social media land and your attention, clicks and $ are the target.

Read Fiona Bosticky's full article : Why do People become Fans on Facebook?

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How would you want your favorite brand treating you online?


  1. Thank you Danielle for taking the time to share your opinion on the Social Media Today facebook discussion.

    This is a great topic, that I have mulled over for ages, especially when people send me request, after request, after request, trying to get me to "like" their group or page on Facebook. It really got me to thinking about whether I should just "like" a page, so they will leave me alone.

    But I've stuck to my guns, and I've decided I'm gunna like who I like, and not because someone harasses me, or tries to offer me an incentive.

    I really appreciate your feedback on this, and Barb is right, it's a great comment. Feel free to post your comment to my blog as well.
    I think your feelings about this, are shared by many. :)

  2. Thanks Fiona! I agree with you - I am gunna like who I like. . . you have inspired me to do a little facebook page cleaning too!

    I will be happy to post my comment to your blog! Thanks for the invite. :)