Friday, May 14, 2010

Social Media 101 : Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business

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This morning I started the first book on my summer reading list; Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online by NY Times best selling author and fellow tweeter, Chris Brogan.

Did I set out yesterday to buy his latest book? no. I actually discovered it quite by accident as I was sipping my Juice Shop smoothie at Barnes & Noble. . . I found it right up on the top shelf, tucked in a section completely unrelated to social media. (to who ever hid it there- thank you!)

When it comes to social media we all have our own point of view, our ways of using (or abusing) this new medium of communication as well as the unspoken digital etiquette that has developed.
Because social media is so new - writing a book on Facebook for example is outdated before the edits are even completed. That being said I have to give it to Chris for keeping his information relevant and timeless.

Though I just finished reading the first section . . . he had me at "Why in the world should you care?"

Chris is not a self professed "guru" that is selling the social media snake oil that we all roll our eyes over . . . instead he is just a straight up guy who is sharing his passion for communication and reminding us that one of the keys to using social media successfully - is perfecting our ability to listen and to continually learn.

Thanks Chris.

Chris Brogan advises businesses, organizations and individuals on how to use social media and social networks to build relationships and deliver value.

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  1. umm i pretty much do whatever you tell me soooo.... book: sold!

  2. It really is a great read so far! I can't wait to settle in with some hot tea later today and pick it back up! :)