Thursday, December 18, 2008

Freelance Switch

It is 12 days before my 'freelance switch' and I have been kicking my preparations into high gear.

Though my home office still looks like Einsteins desk from Princeton I was certain that in a magical matter of days I would have forsaken my creatively messy ways for a super productive lifestyle

I have been struggling to stay focused on my office cleaning duties as of late. It has been easier to plug my laptop in and work from my desk in the living room, than it has been to finish making my home office a sanctuary during this transition.

Trying to do research on making this freelance transition as painless as possible eats up what little free time I have.  A friend of mine pointed out that as long as the work is getting done - does it really matter where I am working?!

"Focus on the what, not the how."  was a quote from The Secret that came up. . . hey, if it means I can shut the door to my office and keep my head down for a while - I am all for that! But I had been spending way too much time bouncing all over the net trying to line up as many freelance job resources as I could . . . 

And then it happened . . . I was updating my tweets this morning when I noticed @imjustcreative posted a retweet by @mlane that will undoubtedly save my ass . . . thanks guys! 

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