Thursday, November 6, 2008

List's and My '9 Inches to Success' Theory

I am a list person. I create list's for just about everything you can possibly think of. 
  1. grocery list
  2. Christmas/birthday cards list
  3.  deadlines list
  4. 'to do' list for home de junking
  5. thank you notes/nice to meet you notes list
  6. vacation/travel wish list
  7. 'to do' today list
  8. personal goals list
  9. and the infamous 'why haven't you done this yet?!' list

This is just a short sample of my 'list'fulness. Often, when I begin to write, I let what needs to get done get away from me and add to my stress. No matter how many list's I create - inevitably there are rogue 'to dos' that end up congregating on #9 of the list above. 

Where is the that list you ask? . . . well, it's buried at the bottom of a stack of papers in my home office that looks more like a group home for wayward paper and junk than a viable office. 

Personally, I don't care if I ever see that list again. It intimidates me, and gives me ice cream before bed kind of nightmares. 

I have been trying to figure out a way to solve my perpetually growing list torture -  only adding to my lists and my frustration. Finally, I believe I have found my answer

While going through my office supplies yesterday, I found some interesting tape that has markings like a ruler. This tape has been
floating around for a few years - unopened until today. No doubt purchased for a project idea that was on one of my 'list's of no return'.  

This morning I took 9 inches of that tape and applied it to my laptop as a reminder to accomplish 9 things everyday. By focusing on 9 things that truly need my attention TODAY,  I am hopeful to accomplish more on a daily basis (one of my personal goals). 

This new theory of productivity I dubbed '9 inches to success'. 

This tag is a straight forward description of the visual reminder right?! Well, a friend of mine said that it sounds more like a 'how to' for an adult film star . . . not a PR/Marketing geek's list tamer theory . . . perv. I chose not to listen to him, seeing as the last list he made was for Thanksgiving dinner 2 years ago, which he admits he left at home. 

Now, for practical application.

1. Blog about it.     Check  /  1"


  1. You applied a tape measure cutout of 9 inches to your laptop and see nothing Freudian about it? You're sure you're not a 16-year-old male ;)?

    Best ones,

  2. Lists.
    I do those.

    Feels great crossing things off.
    : )

  3. If you like lists here a a few new web sites with different lists.

    A Travel packing list --
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    Have fun with them.