Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Vintage Style - Fashion Cents from a Dime Store Diva

I have always had a style of my own. As the youngest of 6 girls, I was introduced to the fine art of recycling style at a *very* early age. 

Over the years my fashion cents has grown and the influence of my late Father (who served in the army during World War II) is hard to miss.
 I often have perfect strangers strike up a conversation because of my shoes, bag or dress. . . I have met so many amazing people just because of my vintage style.

Watching old movies before shopping at my favorite thrift stores /consignment shops  (or even my own closet) is an indulgence I will never give up . . . women were elegant, graceful . . . sexy without revealing too much - true inspiration!

It is rare that you see me in jeans. I do not own sweat pants . . . and only wear my yoga pants in the house, thank you. 

The sophisticated style of post WWII is intoxicating to me - I love heels, and believe that there is nothing sexier than a dress. 

I usually wear my hair up in a 'business bun' Grace Kelly style - so if you see me with my hair down . . . well, consider yourself one of the few. 

Getting down and dirty when it comes to my furniture building/design is a must! My favorite pair of bibs that I wear
 when combing the county for elements to build my pieces is true Rosie the Riveter style! . . .  with the red hankerchief to complete the look. 

My furniture designs are  influenced by the Depression Era mentality that I was lucky to grow up with.  My father taught me how to live a rich life by using what I have and never wasting anything. Though I design new pieces, I prefer to use recycled materials. There really is a treasure trove of potential . . . if you aren't afraid to let it find you. 

The 3 R's of living like a Dime Store Diva. . . 

Reclaim | Recycle |  Reuse

inspire and be inspired. 

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