Saturday, June 26, 2010

DIY :: Sonoma-Cutrer Wine Crate Shelving

I was visiting my friend and client Ben Roberts, owner of The Undercurrent Restaurant in Greensboro, NC, last week and we were discussing the big screen TV he has since installed in the Wagner Room and the fact that he needed to find a storage unit for the AV equipment.

He mentioned that he needed a something that could hold all of the AV components but would fit the decor of the restaurant . . . so I suggested using wine crates. Yep, big ole wood wine crates.

Needless to say Ben LOVED the idea and provided me with 4 Sonoma-Cutrer wine crates. You KNOW I was excited at the opportunity to re-purpose the materials and build it! So off to my favorite home improvement store I went! (I couldn't have done it with out you Lowes!)

Skill level for this project is beginner.

Let's look at the list of materials you will need ::

Black & Decker Cordless Drill
1 1/4" finish nails
4 2 1/2" Corner brackets
Gorilla Wood Glue
Durham's Water Putty
1 1/4" dia. wood hole saw
4 furniture feet (the size I used is not listed on Lowes website)
4 Waddell Straight Top Plates
Flathead screwdriver
Tape measure
1/2" wood chisle
4 Sonoma-Cutrer wine crates

These wine crates measure 24" wide x 13 3/4" deep x nearly 9" high

First order of business is to dig out the staples along the front panel of 3 of the 4 crates. This is where you will spend the majority of your time.

Once you have dug out the staples and pulled them free with the pliers - the front panels are easy to free from the sides and bottom as there is no glue used in the construction.

I have taken the sliding shelf from the bottom crate, scored it and glued it to the bottom of the
crate for added thickness for the screw plates.

The added thickness will also add stability for weight of the rest of the boxes we will stack on top.

Score the tops and bottom edges of the crates and apply wood glue. Once the crates are nestled one on top of the other use your finish nails at an angle to secure crates together.

Take out the sliding tops to the middle two crates and set aside for a future project. Use your corner brackets to connect the tops & bottoms of crates.
*you will need 3/4" screws for the top brackets to keep them from punching through the bottom.

Be sure to measure at least 1" from the bottom of the crate up.

Because Ben will use this for housing AV equipment I have drilled holes not only for the plugs but also to vent heat created.

Mix up your water putty and mix in the saw dust from your drilling.

Cover up your gouges with your watter putty and let dry thoroughly before sanding.

And voila! I great way to re-purpose wine crates from your favorite winery!

Find the Undercurrent and Sonoma-Cutrer and Lowes on Facebook.

So . . . what fun DIY projects have you done lately?


  1. Sooooo cool!!! I have some wine crates stacked as an end table and love the fact that you attached them together and used it for the electronics!!!

  2. Thanks Trish! I have put in my order for my OWN crates with Ben . . . going to make some bedside tables with storage baskets. . . isn't this FUN!!

  3. Very cool. Thank you for sharing. I really like the Sonoma-Cutrer crates as well.


  4. Thanks Patrick! I love finding new ways to repurpose! *cheers!

  5. I really love this boxes. There are so functional! But it isn´t easy to get in Germany.